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2022-2023 Delta of the Year Nomination Narratives

(Alphabetical Order)


Soror Angelina McCarthy Bryan

Soror Angelina McCarthy Bryan took a very active role in FCAC immediately after crossing into Delta Land in Fall 2020 by joining the Financial Fortitude and Delta Gems committees. Soror Bryan was nominated overwhelmingly by FCAC for the 2021–2023 Sorority years as Asst. Financial Secretary (an officer position in her first full year with Delta). Simultaneously, Soror Bryan became the Financial Fortitude Committee Chair for the 2021–2023 Sorority years, as she has continued to lead FCAC and the public with our financial literacy initiatives.  During Sorority years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022, Soror Bryan used her presentation skills to display her financial knowledge, and that of guest presenters during Financial Fortitude Friday’s events, which sought to educate and empower FCAC and the public. Soror Bryan and invited guest presenters provided tangible knowledge regarding generational wealth, legacy building, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and estate planning to name a few topics. For these reasons, I believe Soror Bryan is well-deserving of the nomination of Delta of The Year 2022–2023, an honor that seeks to recognize Sorors who continue to aid our beloved Sorority and the community at large.


Soror Charlene Eberhardt

Soror Charlene Eberhardt has served as a faithful, hardworking, and industrious member of FCAC's Finance Team since 2015.  During the 2021-2022 Sorority year, Soror Eberhardt has served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Team.  As Treasurer, Soror Eberhardt serves as a conscientious and detailed leader of our Finance Committee. She works with all committees and Chapter Leadership to ensure that budgets are in place and to answer any questions regarding each committee's financial needs.  Soror Eberhardt carries out these duties with professionalism and a sisterly spirit.  Her hard work and dedication and participation in Delta Sigma Theta Training for Financial Officers ensured that FCAC remains compliant with all Delta Sigma Theta requirements.  FCAC has been blessed to have Soror Eberhardt as our Treasurer and she is worthy of the honor of Delta of the Year for the 2022-2023 Sorority Year.  

Soror Karen Randolph

Soror Karen Randolph has done a phenomenal job as the chapter’s First Vice President during the 2021-2022 Sorority year. She led several successful events and initiatives that focused on enhancing membership engagement in the chapter. Soror Randolph started the year with a retreat to help connect sorors, and every month she introduced new activities to bring chapter members together. Examples include the Stay F.I.T. monthly fitness campaign, innovative and fun quarterly birthday events, Sister Check-ins, and the Bridging The Gap program to connect new members with seasoned members. Soror Randolph is always eager to help other committees with their programs and initiatives, and she always demonstrates a true spirit of sisterhood.

Soror Regina Ware

Soror Regina Ware’s enthusiasm and dedication to serve the community as a member of Fairfax County Alumnae Chapter is admirable, as she does so tirelessly and without complaint. She is always eager to assist and she truly exemplifies what it means to be sisterly. It is my hope this nomination is agreeable to the other members of FCAC as well. Thank you!


Soror Jacy Yates

Soror Jacy Yates has served FCAC for many years with a sincere and focused commitment to ensuring continuity of chapter goals. As Chair of the Ways and Means Committee for the 2021-2022 Sorority year, Soror Yates leads with an infectious positive attitude, irrepressible stamina and a fierce commitment to staying on task and producing financial outcomes that support the Chapter’s funding goals for scholarship and service. In the words of one of our sorors, Soror Yates “leads with excellence and serves with grace.“ Specifically, under her leadership, the W&M Committee has achieved or is in the process of achieving 3 critical fundraising initiatives (Double Good Popcorn, Virtual Auction, and the Golf Tournament). She helps the chapter thrive and continue its exemplary and dynamic success with fundraising, given the continued challenges of operating during a pandemic in a virtual posture. Overall, she provides a kind balance to our chapter as a conduit between the seasoned and younger sorors, and brings a spirit of sisterhood, a positive outlook and warmth to the chapter. Above all, she allows the members to shine for their hard work and dedication. Soror Yates has a grateful and compassionate heart, is always willing to serve and does not expect recognition. It is for these reasons and more, it’s an honor to nominate Soror Yates for Delta of the Year for this sorority year. 

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