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2023-2025 FCAC Leadership team

Elected/AppointeD Officers


Helene Fisher

First Vice President

Karen Randolph

Second Vice President 

Regina Ware

Recording Secretary

Andrea Wellington

Assistant Recording Secretary

Chauncie O'Neal

Corresponding Secretary

Nikita Carter

Financial Secretary

Jennifer Pryor-Abraham

Assistant Financial Secretary

Felicia Jackson

Assistant Financial Secretary (DREF)

Samantha Drain


Donna Smith

Assistant Treasurer

Yiesha Thompson

Chair of Audit Committee

Lenior Simmons

Chair of Nominating Committee

Vicki West

Nominating Committee Members (4) 

Natahlia Bishop

Connie Jackson

Sydney MaHan

Jamel Walker

Appointed positions

Chaplain - Diane Reese

Custodian of Properties/Ritual & Ceremonies - Cherie Furlow

Emergency Response Coordinators - Candace Marshall-Humphrey & Regina Milteer Rock

Historian - Darlene Faltz

Journalist - Ann Wyatt

Parliamentarian - Rolanda Colbert

Sergeant-At-Arms - LaToya Deans

Time and Place - Joanelle Baptiste & Cathy Simmons

Time Keepers - Rhea Ingram

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